The U7s travelled to Biggleswade today, the team showed some real promise with Austin (3) getting on the score sheet again. Next game home to Buntingford Cougars whites.

Another fine passing performance from the U8 Orange today against a well  organized  Bedwell Albion team. Straight from the off Hares played the ball around well making the opposition work hard to gain possession, Bedwell were up for a battle though and end to end football made for an exciting first half. Hares upped their game in the second half and began to play with a smile on their faces and with more confidence, there were goals scored by both team, some really good individual goals by Bedwell and some fantastic team goals scored by Hares that started with controlled passing from the back and quick movement forward. Neither Hares or Bedwell coaches could tell who had scored the most goals at the end because they were too busy enjoying the football played by both teams. Thanks Bedwell for a fantastic attitude and well done Hares for playing so well.

A great team game from the U10 Blacks today at home against a very good Bassingbourn team.  Hares were on top for the first 15 mins but couldn’t put away their chances. Bassingbourn then had 3 good chances and the Blacks hit the post and crossbar a couple of times. Second half was all Hares who started passing the ball around very well, they were the much better team and created a lot of chances. Again hitting the crossbar, posts and side netting and only a great performance from the opposition keeper stopped us from scoring. The Blacks should come away feeling proud of their performance. M.O.T.M went to Oliver.

It was the 9th October, there was a cold chill in the air, but a few layers later, and the U11’s were all ready to take on FC Comets. Two new signings to the team meant our winning streak was sure to continue. The whistle blew, and off they flew! Within minutes Jasper Baines tackled the opposition, and passed to Luke Ellis. Luke weaved skilfully through the players, and with a strike from his right foot he buried it in the back of the net. The pace didn’t slow, with a cross from Lewis Lennard to Luke Ellis who headed up the wing, and shot it in the top right hand corner. FC Comets were fighting back, but William Davey saw an opportunity and zigzagged through the defenders, and planted the ball in the back of the net. The crowd we still cheering as Seth Holleyman snaked through their players and crossed the ball in the left bottom corner. It was Mike Cannell who took on their defenders, and showed no mercy, once free he crossed the ball to Jasper Baines. Jasper spun around their players, and shot up the wing, with one almighty kick, it landed in the back of the net. Surely, that’s enough activity for one game, but no the players were still full of energy! Nathan Tye, stood strong, and as the ball was played into their area, he cleared it to Seth Holleyman. Seth crisscrossed through the players, and shot the ball in the left top corner. The ball was bounced around midfield, until Nathan Tye stopped the ball, lurched forward, and headed up the right wing. With a great tackle, and some nifty footwork, he struck to the back of the net. The whistle blew for half time, and finally a chance to rest for all. The second half began, with all players still bursting with vitality. Luke Ellis, stopped the ball with his hip, ran up the right wing, and shot the ball in the centre of the net. Lewis Lennard took on and won a feisty tackle, he crossed the ball to Will Davey, who volleyed it in the top right corner. Mike Cannell won the ball, and passed to Will Davey, who took a long range shot, which went straight in the back of the net. The ball was passed skilfully from Jasper Baines to Nathan Tye, and onto Seth Holleyman. Seth blasted to the area, and jetted the ball in the top left corner. A penalty shot was awarded, and Seth Holleyman was poised, and ready to deliver. He surprisingly crossed the ball to Luke Ellis, who hammered it in the back of the net. A change in positions led Lewis to cease the ball. He passed to Luke Rannow, who burst through the players, and jetted the ball in the back of the net. A shot from long range, saw William Davey take a crack at it. The keeper dived, but the ball dribbled passed him. A lovely through ball from Luke Ellis to Luke Rannow, saw another thunderbolt shot from Luke R straight in the back of the net. Wow, this game was certainly full of goals. A quiet game for Miles Nash in goal, but don’t get to complacent its Manuden next week! An undefeated Under 11’s team remain unfazed by the opposition. A special mention goes out to Luke Ellis for man of the match, and Luke Rannow for the coaches’ special award. Thank you to Simon Rannow for running the line, and much appreciation to our coach, Phil Baines, for his time, skill, and patience.

The U12’s welcomed St Neots Town to Ralph Sadlier hoping to keep up their League 100% start to the season. A below par performance by the home side saw St. Neots take the lead midway through the first half. However George Clarke pulled a goal back for The Hares on the stroke of half time. The second half began with an improvement by The Hares and they were rewarded with a penalty when George Clarke was fouled in the box. A great save from the resulting spot kick by the keeper however kept the scores level at 1-1. The breakthrough came eventually when once again George Clark kept up his superb scoring run with another goal to make it 2-1. Unfortunately the lead didn’t last for long and St. Neots hit back to make the final score 2-2. An away trip to Stotfold Juniors for the Under 12’s next week where they will hope to get back to winning ways.