The u8 Black team took part in the Cougars tournament on Saturday and despite starting slowly we only lost one game in the group stage and made it through to the trophy knockouts. Come the quarter final and the boys woke up, some fantastic football saw them breeze the quarter and semi finals and into the final with confidence high. A fantastic final that Hares should have won on football played saw them lose in a penalty shootout. Best of all for me as a coach was the way the boys behaved on and off the pitch and grouped together as a true team respectful of all involved, very grown up boy’s, thank you.

Not the toughest tournaments the U10 Orange are likely to enter, but nevertheless the boys all put in a great display and fully deserved the win. So proud of each and every one of you. 

A great day at the Ware Youth tournament for the U14’s with Hares vs Hares in the final! Well done boys!