Great games for the under 7s today away at Letchworth.

The blacks kicked off first on a very uneven and interesting pitch! It was a really close end to end game, played with great attitude from both teams and the boys really demonstrated their developing skills and teamwork. Passing worked well and some good goals up front with William making some great efforts in goal to keep the opposition at bay. MOTM performance from Reggie in defence who got stuck in at every opportunity, well done boys!

The oranges came next and they certainty didn’t disappoint!! The same great attitudes and never give up performances meant that once again the parents were on the edge of their seats throughout. Without a permanent goalkeeper the boys each took a turn and once again showed their teamwork and commitment to the team without complaint. Some great goals spread throughout the team but MOTM performance from Jack. Again well done boys.

Great game of football this morning from the U11 Blacks
Local derby against Buntingford, turned out to be one of the best games this year so far 👌